About Me

My name is Desiree. I am twenty-three years old, soon to be twenty-four. I am {very} happily married to the love of my life & devoted cupcake tester, Clif. We have been married since June 2,2007.

Clif and I have four precious children, our first born in Heaven, and three that reside here on Earth...which just so happen to be a beautiful set of triplets.

I guess my "cupcake fever" started in June, when I decided that I wanted to help make the cupcakes for my baby shower. Between my mother, my niece and myself - we made 100+ "three peas in a pod" cupcakes. They were a huge hit.

Soon after my shower {actually, the day after} I was put on bed rest. I didn't have a chance to pursue cupcakes.

When our triplets were born nine weeks early in June {the first time in eight weeks that I was allowed up and moving} my husband and I lived out of a hotel. For five weeks.

On August 13th, we brought the first of three babies home. All three were home within a week of one another... and going from a house with zero babies to a house with three babies was a huge adjustment.

Finally, two months later... I finally am starting to fall in a routine. :) And I'm finding that there is actually {believe it or not} time for me to do things that I love. Which, in the last month or so - my "time" has been used for cupcake baking!

So here I am, giving this cupcake thing a trial run. :) Please let me know if you have any questions. Feel free to contact me at: Smithfam07@hotmail.com

Thanks for stopping by!